3 March
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I am currently in high school and its not that great. To be honest its one of the things i dread in my life, i know for sure it's not the education that is making me dislike school but mostly because of the environment that i have to learn in. My school is competitive and all this nagging that the girls go on about this and that (yes i go to an all girls school and its totally fun (sarcasm)) frustrates me. What's more is the teachers who teach in a condescending manner that makes you feel like you are the most incompetent person in the world. (>> OH GOD I"M RANTING AGAIN <<) (>>PLS STOP<<)
yeah so my life's so so and I'm striving for self improvement when I finally get out of high school. (LIFE'S GOAL)
And also thanks for listening to the rant (AGAIN) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I wish happiness to you my friend!!